Our company


Aluinvent Zrt. was established in 2012. As a Hungarian start-up company its major goal to develop and manufacture of high strength aluminium foams and aluminium matrix composites on the basis of our own developed innovative technology which is not just Hungarian but worldwide patented.

Our R&D&I team which includes experts is committed to inovation and seeking the possibilites of network collaborations in order to fulfil the continuously changing  partner demands and knowledge transfer.

All members of our research and development group are graduated as chemical, matarials, metallurgical, informatics or electrical engineer, who has professional knowledge of materials and equipment development and are able to carry through the innovation process from the idea to the finished product.  It means that the team has the competence to realize all the TRL levels.

Our purpose is to serve a new aluminium based material which is produced by  an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technology for constructors, designers and artists and provide for industrial manufacturing, construction, equipment goods, mobility and defence. With this our aim is to contribute to the dynamic growing of the Hungarian aluminium industry and sustainable economy.