Dr. Norbert Babcsán


has 12 years of experience in the field of metal foam and its application development as demonstrated by more than 20 scientific articles and book chapters. He spent 5 years in Western Europe at the best laboratories in Austria (LKR and TU-Vienna) and Germany (Helmholtz Centrum Berlin) on metal foam research and one year at NASA MSFC on space furnace testing. His PhD thesis (2003) covered the Austrian METCOMB aluminum foam development carried out at University of Miskolc and Vienna University of Technology. His research field concerned the area of the perfection of gas injection method, the effect of gas composition on foam quality and stability, the role of stabilizing particles during foaming, and the study of metal foam stability and evolution by ex-situ, or in-situ methods. He is the holder of 8 metal foam related patents.


Detailed CV and publication list are under this link.




















Sándor Beke, PhD

is the head of the development. He graduated as MSc materials engineer at University of Miskolc. He has PhD from Technical University of Vienna in the topic of aluminium foam technology development. Besides the development work started in 2006, he has several years experience in the successful preparation and coordination of R&D projects.



András Bakács MSc, MA

helps Aluinvent to build bridges between key industrial players, policy makers and research institutions. Before joining Aluinvent, Mr. Bakács had been working for the Hungarian Academy of Science and served in senior positions at various ministries responsible for innovation.








Gergely Sántha MBA

previously worked for the commercial banking sector and for several private investment holdings in Hungary. Apart from his role in long term financial planning and strategy shaping of Aluinvent, he uses his widespread business network to introduce and promote Aluinvent and “ALUHAB” to the major industrial players, mainly in the construction and automotive companies in the CEE region.