As a research oriented enterprise, far-seeing technological development, versatility and immedate response to social and economic changes have particular importance for us.
It is our conviction that sustainable economy  posses great possibilities, but its success based on the continuous improvement of processes and products. The integration of research and development and manufacturing processes assures this versatility, and makes possible the production of tailored products for customers.

Social, environmental and economic aspects have equal importance during our business decisions. The reciclability potential of our products, their energy-efficient production method, the increase of the European competitiveness and the close up of disadvantageous regions are all important factors in our mind.

Aluinvent’s long-term objective is to help reviving the aluminium industry of Hungary, at the same time also contributing to doubling the current economic performance of the sector. At the moment Hungary produces 1 percent of the world’s aluminium output. The goal of Aluinvent is to increase this ratio to 2 percent and by this to create a considerable number of new workplaces in the near future, especially in Miskolc and its surroundings.


  Europe: FelsĹ‘zsolca

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The most important product of Aluinvent is the ALUHAB which is a lightened variant of aluminium. As a result of our scientists and engineering team the ALUHAB preserved the easy workability and recyclability of aluminium, but at the same time it opens up new areas of use in several industrial fields (machine engineering, automotive industry, aviation industry, space technology, defence industry, building and construction, information technology, interior design, applied arts), offering an alternative solution for substituting various plastics and wood.