1. What is ALUHAB?

ALUHAB is aluminium foam manufactured from a special foamable aluminium alloy containing ultrafine sapphire particles. Aluinvent’s unique ‘loud-nozzle’ technology permits the injection of customised, optimally sized bubbles ranging from 0.5mm to 30mm in size. Thanks to the special environmentally friendly gas used for foaming ALUHAB, Aluinvent’s technology results in extremely stable metal foams, which can be cast into complex forms, welded, or re-melted without making any change in the foam’s structure. ALUHAB can be manufactured from any type of aluminium alloy, therefore heat treatable ALUHAB can also be produced. Due to the ultrafine particles our products are characterised by greater strength even at higher temperatures than similar products manufactured by competitors. ALUHAB’s density can be set in the range of 0.1–1.5g/cm³ .


  1. Why choose ALUHAB?

ALUHAB’s advantages:

  • Ultralight,
  • Energy absorption,
  • Adjustable density and properties,
  • Uniform and small cell size,
  • High specific strength,
  • Weldable,
  • Machinable,
  • Corrosion resistant,
  • Non-flammable,
  • Eco-friendly,
  • Recyclable.


What is more, ALUHAB can be machined almost as easily as wood: conventional techniques such as sawing, drilling, riveting and screwing can also be used with ALUHAB.


  1. In what sizes can you manufacture the aluminium foam panels?

Thickness varies between 15 mm and 30 mm, the panels are 120cm wide and 240cm long. The length can be further increased or the thickness can be increased or decreased upon specific customer request.


  1. How corrosion resistant is ALUHAB?

ALUHAB is just as corrosion resistant as aluminium and can be eloxated as well.


  1. Can the surface of ALUHAB be coated?

From ALUHAB metallic-bond aluminium coated sandwich panels can also be manufactured. With adhesive bonding any kind of coating can be applied and by using a tile adhesive it can be adhered to the wall, too.


  1. What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is the size of one 120cm*240cm panel.


  1. How can I obtain a product sample?

We only deliver product samples upon order. Buyer agrees to pay the postage fee. The product sample size can be varied upon request.


  1. What is the highest order quantity?

Our current annual production capacity is 300.000m2/year.