Innovative world-class environmental friendly aluminium foam manufacturing and development of the recycling technology

Aluinvent Zrt. is given a non-refundable grant of the Norway Grants upon its project proposal submitted to the call entitled More use of environmentally friendly technologies announced in the framework of the “Green industry innovation” programme of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

Programme title:

Green industry innovation programme of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.


Project registration number:



Project title:

Innovative world-class environmental friendly aluminium foam manufacturing and development of the recycling technology


Project promoter and and place of implementation:

Aluinvent Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság, Felsőzsolca - Hungary


Project partner:

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim – Norway


Duration of implementation:

05 May 2014. – 30 April 2016.


Total project budget:

664 074 495 HUF


Rate of grant:



Amount of grant:

369 781 208 HUF


The aim of the project is the development of green capacities in the lagging behind region of Northern Hungary at an industrial site, in topic of materials science which area is defined both in the call for proposal and the in the strategy of the region as a priority area.

Previously to the project the project promoter, on his own resources, estabished a one module type pilot plant with a production capacity of 30 tons/year/shift of aluminium composite and a 60 tons/year/shift (200mmx1200mmx50mm) bulk aluminium foam.

The recent TRL7 level aluminium foaming technology is capable to produce aluminium foams in a wide range of cell size and having uniform cell size distribution. This solution makes the Aluinvent foams unique amoung the foams of the competitors. This is the first reliable and reproducible quality aluminium foam which can be applied as structural elements and its properties can be designed upon customer demans.

Based on the positive experiences of the pilot plant operation and the lively interest arised from international industrial and scientific sectors, Aluinvent Zrt. is intending to scale up its technology to a level of TRL9 by establishing a production plant to produce 600mmx1200mmx50mm size aluminium foam panels having a capacity of 300t/year/shift. Additionally, in the frame of the project the heat treatment and recycling technology of aluminium foams will be developed and adapted to the production line.

Aluminium foam


ALUHAB is a new type of aluminum foam with controlled, homogeneous cell sizes which have a wide range of alloy compositions and attractive mechanical properties. The technology results in extremely stable liquid metal foams which can be cast into complex forms and re-melted without loss of foam integrity.


ALUHAB aluminium foams are manufactured from a special foamable aluminium alloy containing ultrafine particles below 3 microns. The technology uses special high temperature admixing technology to homogeneously disperse the particles and thus create a stable, foamable aluminium melt. Aluinvent’s unique loud-nozzle technology permits the injection of optimally sized bubbles into the melt from 10 to 0.5 mm range. The influence of alloy composition and cellular structure on the properties of aluminium foams can be characterized by X-ray tomography (CT), different analytical techniques and mechanical tests.



Advantages of ALUHAB:

  • Ultralight,
  • Energy absorption,
  • Adjustable density and properties,
  • Uniform and small cell size,
  • High specific strength,
  • Weldable,
  • Machinable,
  • Castable,
  • Corrosion resistant,
  • Non-flamable
  • Recyclable.

The tensile and compressive strength of 1 g/cm3 density ALUHAB aluminium foams can reach 40 to 80 MPa, while maintaining a 170 MPa flexural strength value.

Our aluminium foams are produced from different aluminium alloys on demand. Maximum block size is 50x180x1200mm³. The cell size can be varied between 0.5 and 20mm. Our products contain 2-50microns sized Al2O3 particles. Foam density depends on the cell size and varies between 0.2 and1.5g/cm³. Standard foamed alloys are AlSi10, 6061, 5052 and 7075. Semi-finished products having a desired geometry can also be produced from our foamed blocks.

Application areas


Building and construction:

  • light floor and wall elements, multifunctional comfort increasing materials (e.g. vibration damping)
  • external fire resistant cover elements


Engineering industry:

  • housings
  • temperature regulator parts
  • fast-moving vibrating devices
  • electromagnetic shielding


Automotive industry:

  • bodywork components
  • vibration damping parts
  • supporting structure elements
  • shock absorbers
  • temperature regulator elements



  • sliding doors
  • doors
  • partition walls



  • partition walls
  • decorative accessories (lamps, picture frames, etc.)
  • decoration elements
  • furniture (e.g. armchairs, chairs, shelves, reception desk)
  • toy industry base materials


Space industry:

  • supporting structure elements
  • sandwich structures
  • controlled-characteristic parts
  • impact materials


Aviation industry:

  • honeycomb structure substitute parts in complex 3D structures


Railway vehicles:

  • vibration damping elements
  • shock absorbing elements
  • complete front profiles


Defence industry:

  • shockwave absorption panels
  • impact materials


Aluminium matrix composite


We produce ceramic particle reinforced composites from different aluminium alloy compositions on demand.

The composites are supplied in the form of 5kg blocks. Reinforcing particle size can be varied in the range of 2-50 microns as requested.

Our standard composite contains Al2O3 particles, but other type of particles can be applied to meet particular requirements. The maximum reinforcement content depends on particle size, it is 10vol% in case of 2-micron particles and 20vol% in case of 20-micron particles.


Standard matrix aluminium alloys are A359, 6061 and 5052.




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