Application areas


Building and construction:

  • light floor and wall elements, multifunctional comfort increasing materials (e.g. vibration damping)
  • external fire resistant cover elements


Engineering industry:

  • housings
  • temperature regulator parts
  • fast-moving vibrating devices
  • electromagnetic shielding


Automotive industry:

  • bodywork components
  • vibration damping parts
  • supporting structure elements
  • shock absorbers
  • temperature regulator elements



  • sliding doors
  • doors
  • partition walls



  • partition walls
  • decorative accessories (lamps, picture frames, etc.)
  • decoration elements
  • furniture (e.g. armchairs, chairs, shelves, reception desk)
  • toy industry base materials


Space industry:

  • supporting structure elements
  • sandwich structures
  • controlled-characteristic parts
  • impact materials


Aviation industry:

  • honeycomb structure substitute parts in complex 3D structures


Railway vehicles:

  • vibration damping elements
  • shock absorbing elements
  • complete front profiles


Defence industry:

  • shockwave absorption panels
  • impact materials



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