3D X-ray radioscopy service

The 3D X-ray radioscopy service of Aluinvent Plc. was developed for high-resolution non-destructive characterisation. It is applicable for the real time radioscopy and microtomographic examination of any kind of solid or liquid sample. Maximum sample size is 80x80x80mm3 in the case of aluminium or other materials consisting of lower atomic number elements. As the atomic number increases the maximum sample size decreases, therefore further negotiation is required. The resolution of captured images depends on sample size. In case of a 10x10x10mm3 size sample the resolution can reach 5 microns, while it is 50 microns in case of an 80x80x80mm3 sample. Basically the atmosphere used is air but inert gas atmosphere can also be applied. The temperature of the sample environment can be varied in the range of -40°C - 800°C.



Real time, video speed radioscopy:  27fps X-ray image recording of technological processes

Possible application fields:

  • High resolution examination of casting and soldering defects
  • Real time monitoring of casting processes
  • Fluid mechanics characterisation of non-transparent liquids
  • Examination of diffusion processes



Possible application fields:

  • Examination of archaeological and paleontological findings
  • Characterisation of biological specimens
  • Failure analysis of microelectronic parts
  • Dimensional inspection of machine parts
  • Detection and characterisation of inclusions, cracks and defects of welding zones



3D X-ray radioscopy service (PDF)


Services are performed upon particular offers which depend on the test environment and on the quantities required.